Thursday, February 16, 2012

A few of my favorite things

This week's Valentine's Day-themed Glee showcased the beautiful Rachel Berry in this little number. Unfortunately, the Movie Moment Dress will cost you a pretty penny (about $190) but my goodness, is it adorable! I'm a little disappointed I don't have the means to make it a part of my wardrobe.

During the holiday season, I discovered Starbucks' toffee nut latte. A cozy classic that's smooth and satisfying, I recently discovered the tasty drink is actually available all year long! What a pleasant surprise for me.

During winter break, my mom and I tried our hand at making cake balls and although it wasn't necessarily the easiest project to carry out, the pay-off was more than worth the labor. The lovely Bakerella has several recipes and tutorials that break down the process rather nicely. I own Bakerella's cake pop book and would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking of giving cake pop making a try.

I'd be lying if I said part of me didn't want to be best pals with Emma Stone. Although I'm not exactly sure how possible that is, at least there's the movies. The other night I watched Easy A for the first time in quite a while and I'm hoping to give Crazy Stupid Love a re-watch this weekend. Meanwhile, Zombieland is sitting in my Amazon cart.

Recently started series five of Doctor Who on Netflix.  Still facing separation anxiety from Ten but Eleven is definitely growing on me.

Office fans rejoice!  The adorable Jenna Fischer signed up for Twitter.

Wrote a paper this week about Horacio Quiroga's short story 'Los mensú.' 20th century Uruguayan playwright, poet, and short story writer, Quiroga dabbles in the supernatural, covering the most intriguing aspects of nature, often tinged with horror, disease, and suffering for human beings.

Sorry Pandora but you've been replaced by my new favorite app, Spotify. A very handy way to put together playlists and look at artist discographies. Plus, it's quite fun to eavesdrop on what your Facebook friends are listening to.

My newest obsession as far as blogs go, A Cup of Jo is the hub for all things fashion, design, photography, bikes and of course, the musings of moderator, Joanna Goddard. So many cute friends and amusing entries... I found myself scrolling back all the way to June 2011.

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